Cloud Computing — Should You Jump Into the Cloud?

The term “cloud computing” is showing up everywhere we look. For most of us, understanding what it is and whether we are candidates for this option can be confusing. This month, we take time to explore this technology, and some of its pros and cons...

Client Spotlight – Gelinas & Company

This month's client spotlight focuses on Gelinas & Company, a tax and accounting firm that has been serving the business community throughout New England for over sixty years. They are also a certified business appraisal firm, so in addition to the various tax, accounting, and investment services they offer...

FAQ – Why Do I Need to Leave My Device Unplugged for 15-30 Seconds?

Question: When I'm having a problem with my computer or modem, it's often recommended to unplug my devices and leave them unplugged for 15-30 seconds. Why is that delay needed?

Wi-Fi Hotspots – What You Need to Know to Use Them Safely

Wi-Fi hotspots in coffee shops, libraries, airports, hotels, universities, and other public places are so convenient when you are working on the go, but they're often not secure. Check out this short video...

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