Voice Over IP – Is Your Business Ready for This Cost-Saving Technology?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), or the ability to transmit voice communications over an IP network or the Internet, is an innovative solution that brings some great new options for today’s businesses looking to communicate...

Client Spotlight – KPMB Enterprises, LLC

This month’s client spotlight focuses KPMB Enterprises, LLC, a full service mechanical contractor operating out of Contoocook, NH. Owners, Peter and Trina Waterman, explain that their business specializes in...

Top 10 Ways to Strengthen Your Online Passwords

In light of recent security threats like the Heartbleed Bug and the Internet Explorer Bug, it seems like experts everywhere are recommending that we change our passwords regularly. But what exactly makes up a...

Security Alert: Internet Explorer Bug UPDATE

We are providing an update to the Threat Alert issued earlier this week regarding the vulnerability in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser. Microsoft has released a patch for all affected versions of the browser...

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